luni, 24 mai 2010

Ma impaunez!


Un set (colier+ cercei) cu o poveste scurta. Imi trebuia ceva cu pene pentru concursul "feather fever" de pe Forumul Cristinei:  Va invit sa votati!

Mai am cateva pene prin casa, dar... specialitatea mea sunt margelele de nisip, si trebuia sa o dovedesc! Am folosit 3 tehnici de lucru ("ochi de paun" in brick stitch, care imi place la nebunie in acest moment, os-de-hering, si spirala intr-o parte). Margelele sunt... de toate felurile. De la cele miniaturale de 15/0 in tesatura os-de-hering (si credeti-ma, e ceva de munca sa le fugaresti pe acelea!) si pana la cristale cehesti. Plus perle, margele de nisip de 11/0, 8/0 si 6/0 si mandria mea, o margea mare din sticla de Murano, de care am fost extrem de incantata atunci cand am cumparat-o, pentru originalitatea ei, dupa care am urat-o... pentru aceeasi originalitate (ajunsesem sa cred ca nu voi mai reusi sa o folosesc vreodata).


A necklace+earrings set with a very short story. I needed something feathery for a "feather fever" competition. I still have a few feather lost in my drawers, but the challenge for me was to do something without real feathers. I used 3 techniques in it (peacock eyes made with brick stitch, which I absolutely love at the moment, herringbone, and a spiral on the side). There are all kinds of beads in it. From the tiny 15/0 in the herringbone (and I had some troubles chasing those!) and to the czech crystals. Plus pearls, seed beads in the sizes 11/0, 8/0 and 6/0, and my pride and joy, a large Murano bead, which I liked when I bought it, as it's so unique, and I soon hated... for the same uniqueness (I almost believed I could never find a way to use it).

sâmbătă, 22 mai 2010

Surprising bracelet


As a rule, I don't really do bracelets, because I don't wear them. This one, though, was made as a special order for a cohenite who saw my work because of the Leonard Cohen forum. Obviously, I asked her what style and colours she wanted; and also if she had any "story" in mind for it. And that's where the surprise came. She wanted the bracelet for a gay-meeting event, and she wanted it to contain blue for being straight and pink for being gay, and purple... hmmm, for something in between? I probably got a bit mixed up around here. I didn't confess, but I had a bit of a shock. I don't care about what people do in private; but I am a bit formal myself, and I don't like sex as a public thing too much... and also, I will blame it on this country, where being gay is not such an open thing yet.

Anyway, the blue-purple-pink colour combination was a challenge; I made at least 8 samples, changing the colours of the beads, until I got the exact ones that I wanted. I had to use more subtle bead finishes (silky-looking ones and ab effect too), so that the colours wouldn't clash. The lacy pattern was inspired from; it took me a while to figure out how to do it, and I'm really glad I learned something new. The bracelet is right now flying towards its owner, and I hope she'll like it!